edEUcation provides a range of services to organisations in the North of England aimed at school improvement, including upskilling of language teachers, teacher and youth worker training, coaching and mentoring with continuing professional development in several EU countries, modelling teaching, including creative methodologies, and supporting organisations in developing international links. The range of edEUcation’s work including that of its Associates means that it has an extensive network which provides access to schools, training providers and agencies both in the UK and across Europe.  

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Teacher training

Our high quality training programmes focus on these three areas: School Leadership and Management, Primary Languages and English culture. Our experts have extensive experience in these fields and have developed in-depth training courses, taking participants from zero to hero in a focusing on practical activity rather than dry theory. These courses are ideal as a KA1 mobility project under Erasmus+ and we will be more than happy to assist you with your application, in order to receive a grant for your chosen course.

The School Leadership and Management Programme aims to improve school performance through an entrepreneurial approach to school management. It was developed based on a long experience of a former head teacher as well as on the newest trends in school leadership. Whether you are a new or aspiring, struggling or under-performing school leader, this course might be just for you. 

The Primary Languages Programme stems from the real need for support, methodology and skills that many primary teachers face when required to teach a foreign language. We offer intensive initiation courses for new French and Spanish language primary teachers, which are designed as one week crash courses providing the teachers with a survival kit and a mutual support network which forms between the participants. 

The English Culture Programme is designed for English as a Second Language teachers who have pretty good command of English, but lack the extra ingredient to make their lessons lively and catchy. Spending one week in Richmond, North Yorkshire, absorbing all English clichés, while receiving extensive training on how to integrate the cultural dimension into a language lesson will boost any English teacher’s lessons and career. 

Erasmus +


Since 2014 the Erasmus+ programme encompasses all the EU funded actions in the fields of education and youth. Our team has been involved in the process of assessment of project applications and evaluation of project reports for over 8 years and based on this experience, we have developed a training course for applicants who are new to the programme to help them understand the funding rules and the way an application should be drafted based on their project ideas. The course allows you to have a hands-on experience in writing an application and provides you with information on all the newest developments of the funding rules.




edEUcation offer consultancy services in its field of expertise, namely:
-    Preparing bids and developing resources and methodologies for the EU programme Erasmus+ (encompassing the previous Lifelong Learning Programmes: Comenius - School Education, Leonardo de Vinci - Vocational Education, Erasmus - Higher Education, Grundtvig - Adult Education, Cross-Sectoral
-    Project Management and External Evaluation of EU Lifelong Learning Programmes
-    Support for schools and colleges in Self-evaluation and preparation for Inspection
-    Development of resources and training for e-learning, including the use of Interactive Whiteboards and Virtual Learning Environments
-    Support for Schools and Colleges in developing International Partnerships and achieving international accreditation
-    Support for the development of non-formal learning projects in the Youth Sector